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For over a decade, local paintress Emma Goldgar has been making art that explores the juxtaposition of the feminine mystique and elemental themes. Using a blend of realism, surrealism and conceptual styles, her body of work attempts to capture the often-ethereal beauty of the female form and all its subtle magic.”


I have been addicted to art for most of my life. Although it began small with childhood phases and an increased intake as I grew older, the angst and awkwardness of adolescence helped me spiral out of control into my addiction, which persists to this day. Raw and self-taught, I have spent the last few years intensely "discovering" new techniques and tactics that not only take me out of my comfort zone, but expand it wildly.

Each month, content and style shift to produce new, whimsical effects. Explore the gallery, and see what speaks to you!

- Emma

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