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Artist Bio

Though born in Salt Lake, an early childhood in France exposed Emma Goldgar to a wide variety of art, ranging from the most famous of classics to the most determined of street artists. Exposure to this environment elicited an early interest in drawing and painting, and no doubt the more literal exposure often found in European art influenced her tendency towards painting nudes.**

Recreating human depth is not an easy feat. After using acrylics, alcohol inks and oils to create ethereal backgrounds, Emma works with oils to capture the subjects. Each step is riddled with tortured analysis- why hasn’t the soul of the subject made it onto the canvas yet? Only until it does so, is a piece declared “complete”.

Although the majority of Emma’s painting is a private affair, she also teaches painting in bars and restaurants. Teaching art to the inebriated gives her a chance to hone her skills- nothing works quite like breaking it down to someone who has child-like understanding. Bringing art into community endeavors, Emma live paints at various events, ranging from fundraisers to festivals!

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”


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