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Why is it so %^&*ing Hard to Become an Artist?!

Alright. My first attempt at a blog and I feel like I need to illuminate why it’s taken me this long to do anything- and I mean, ANYTHING- by way of selling my art. Over the years, I’ve produced dozens of paintings for purposes of….well, storing them, I guess. And now the time has come to hold myself accountable for the ridiculous amount of time (and apartment space) I’ve spent with this obsessive hobby. Hobby. This is why I am barely beginning to try to market my work. Art is a difficult thing to propose as a career choice. Depressing images come to mind: sad, skinny artists- baristas or data entry specialists by day time, of course- feasting on lukewarm Top Ramen and deliberating on how best to shock the public into appreciating them. Of course, this is a stereotype, but what are stereotypes based on if not some semblance of truth?! I mean, hell, I picked EDUCATION as a means of not starving because the idea of becoming an artist was so terrifying. And let’s face it: education is one of the least lucrative industries to choose. So instead, art almost always takes a backseat to something soul sucking, yet consistent. And if, by some miracle, we even believe that there is a way to make money with our art, we allow ourselves only small dismal moments to create it- moments when we have already had our passion and drive drained out by some tedious 9-5. It takes a plunge in order to get things moving. It takes a wild, fear-fueled mentality to jump off the proverbial ledge and find out what you’re capable of. An investment of money, surely; but also a commitment of the heart and mind. The jump can only happen with the three working in concert. I’m grateful that I’m finally ready to take that plunge. Even though my confidence has wavered again and again, I know that nothing makes me happier and if I don’t try to make a life by pursuing what makes me happiest, I’ll always be burdened by regrets.

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